Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese

Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese2 - Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese

 Are there guests coming to the breakfast? Does your neighbour want to come over for tea-time? They will love this traditional Turkish pastry. It is a classic heart warming recipe which is served at all occations. From weddings to funeral homes.. I must admit making this delicious food needs an intermadiate level of kitchen skills. But it will worth it when you have the first bite. This savory cheese pastry recipe is quite much for four people. But you can slice it and put it in freezer for later, when needed it is always ready in 2 minutes of microwave.


For pastry

8 glass of flour (200 ml type)

6 eggs

Half glass of water


For filling and top

300 grams of fetta cheese

Half bunch of fresh parsley

500 grams of butter (lower if you prefer)


 Put 2 glass of flour in a wide plate and open the middle like a pool. Crack the eggs to here, add water and salt. Start mixing together with your finger tips. Knead the dough till it becomes firm and shiny. In order to understand if the dough is ready, slice it to half with knife. If you cannot see any air bubbles inside, it is ready.  Make 10-12 pieces of dough balls.

Spread some flour on your working surface and on top of a dough ball. Start widening it with rolling pin. Roll the dough till it is thin like the ridge of your knife.

Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese4 - Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese

Roll all pieces of dough balls wide as possible. Remember they will fit your cooking tray layer by layer.

Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese5 - Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese

In a plate pinch the fetta cheese in pea size pieces. Put nicely sliced fresh parsley and mix them together. Melt the butter in a small pot let it cold in room temperature.


Boil plenty of water in a big wide pot and add 1 tea spoon of salt. Make another big pot filled with cold water ready nearby. Butter your cooking tray , put one uncooked dough. Now we will cook our doughs one by one. Put one dough in boiling water, and cook for 30 seconds.

Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese - Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese

As soon as you take the dough from boiling water , put it in the cold water pot. When the dough is cold kindly take the dough between your hands and gently squeeze excess water on it. Be careful not to tear it. Place the dough in the cooking tray, spread melted butter. When you put 6 layers of dough to your cooking tray put cheese-parsley mix and melted butter. Continue layering rest of the boiled doughs with buttering them.

Heat the oven to 220 C, cook the pastry till it is golden color nearly 40 minutes.


When cooked, let it rest for 20 min and turn the tray upside down. Sliced Turkish savory boiled pastry with cheese is often served hot. Bon Appetite! 🙂

Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese3 - Turkish Savory Boiled Pastry with Cheese


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